• BHATARA: Jurnal Multidisiplin Ilmu

    BHATARA adalah Jurnal multidisiplin ilmu hasil penelitian seluruh bidang ilmu pengetahuan. BHATARA berfokus pada penelitian empiris dan analisis kritis terhadap pengembangan, penggunaan, pengelolaan, dan dampak ilmu pengetahuan secara global, seperti: Pendidikan, Teknologi Informasi, Manajemen, Ekonomi, Teknik, Kebudayaan, Hukum, Pariwisata dan dimungkinkan bidang ilmu lainnya.

    BHATARA terbit tiga tahun dalam setahun, yaitu pada bulan Januari, Mei dan September.

  • The Indonesian Journal of Computer Science Research

    The Indonesian Journal of Computer Science Research (IJCSR) [EISSN. 2963-9174] is a journal that focuses on new research discussing algorithms and computing, Computing and Networking, Graphics, Visualization and Geometric Modeling, and Advanced and Emerging Applications Advanced and Emerging Applications. This Journal is fascinating in DAM (Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning). The IJCSR focuses on empirical research and critical analysis of the development, use, management, and impact of technology. The Journal publishes works from all disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological perspectives. This Journal is designed to be read by researchers, scholars, teachers, and advanced students in the information technology field and IT developers, consultants, software vendors, and senior business and IT executives looking for updates on recent experiences and prospects about information technology. In addition to papers originating from original studies and research, the IJCSR Journal aims to help its readers explore new and controversial topics by publishing a blind review model by three reviewers. The Journal will publish current issues that are currently developing.